Ground and First floor



1200 sqm production hall designed as braced portal frames sitting on reinforced concrete pad footings.

Front part of the building is designed as a two floor building to provide office spaces at first floor and showroom at ground floor.

Ground floor slab is designed as an industrial floor alowing for movements and high loads.

First floor is designed as a metal deck slab sitting on steel beams and connected to with omega mild steel connectors welded to steel beams.

The new build is designes with a longitudinal bracing system positioned between the last two frames.

As a production hall it had to be designed with lage open area of 24m spans.

The transversal bracing systems were positioned on the back portal frame and on the front portal frame between the showroom and production areas.

Whole steel structure is covered with steel thermo panels with polyurethane foam.

The roof structure is fully braced in their slope plans working as a rigid diaphragm.

Glass front facade.

Side facade with secondary access doors.

Rear facade with lorry access doors.